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Local Dissemination Event in Durres

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Local Dissemination Event in Durres

March 29th, 2019|Activities, Events, News|

On 29 March, representatives from Durres Port Authority, general Directorate of Railway; the Institute of Transport, Universities; Durres County representatives from customer office, experts from local tourist operators, and from private companies gathered at the Inter-Connect local dissemination event organised in the premises of the General Directorate of Railway in Durres, Albania.

The purpose of the dissemination event was to present the project objectives and the activities to the interested sstakeholders and other bodies; the case studies of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, under the project regarding namely “Study on developing and implementing a technological solution for intermodal transport”.

The objective of this case is to enhance intermodal transport between rail +maritime +air transport (and possibly other modes of transports) especially between Tirana and Durres region.

Participants were very interested for the multimodal alternatives of transport. They expressed their will to collaborate among the institutions that they represented and to contribute for achieving the project results.

Moreover, they had the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts through a questionnaire distributed during the conference were the following.

The main takeaways from the event was that participants agreed on the following issues:

  1. the need for having an information system inside the Durres port;
  2. There is a need for data processing for all mode of transport and presenting them for tourist and passengers through info point established at ports, rail station and airport;
  3. Improvement of special passengers’ services as embarking/disembarking comfort & security, improvement of Parking area offers in port of Durres;
  4. Improvement of information for passengers’ mobility and intermodal solution;
  5. Promotion and information services should be improved, regarding that number of users are not familiar with existing railway services.