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1st Local Roundtable in Trieste – CEI – 30 Jul 2018

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1st Local Roundtable in Trieste – CEI – 30 Jul 2018

July 31st, 2018|Activities|

On 30 July 2018, the 1st local round table of the Inter-Connect project was organized by the Central European Initiative – Executive Secretariat (CEI), at its premises in Trieste. The aim of the round table was to discuss the case studies assigned to CEI under the project’s framework, regarding the improvement of multimodal public transport connections in the region, with particular focus on rail, Trieste public transport and maritime services. Relevant stakeholders were present, namely representatives from Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, Municipality of Trieste, Trieste Trasporti, City of Capodistria, Samer & Co shipping company, and CEI.

Within the Inter-Connect project, two case studies will be developed in the FVG Region:

  • sub case study A: improved public transport connections with the seasonal maritime lines, and
  • sub case study B: pre-feasibility analysis about a potential maritime public transport connection between the cities of Trieste/Muggia and Koper.

CEI presented an overview of both project and the case studies, distinguishing Trieste as a significant hub in the region.

Sub case A is relevant for the improvement of the urban public transport connections with the maritime passenger’s terminal, mainly regarding passengers coming to visit Trieste, thus allowing an improved accessibility to the main touristic places. Sub case B underlines that the route between Trieste and Istria is of particular importance, as besides having a tourist value, it strengthens cross-border relations between Italy and Slovenia.

During the round table discussion, representatives from the FVG Region and City of Capodistria highlighted the importance of  improving intermodality of public transport and the value of enabling the extension of the maritime route between Trieste and Istria. Municipality of Trieste presented its upcoming activities regarding the accessibility and connectivity of different modes of transport in the city (maritime-rail/bus), bike sharing option, new application with relevant touristic information, etc. Trieste Trasporti raised awareness about the info-mobility and the necessity of coordinating the relevant information for tourists and local passengers with the municipality and the region. Samer & Co Shipping Company addressed the issue of maritime transport and the potential benefits of concentrating the departures/arrivals in one location, e.g. Molo IV. Present parties also discussed about the data collection and data sources identification for the two case studies, especially regarding the passenger flows analysis and demand analysis.